{ hiatus }

Well, the power cord for my laptop's officially kicked the bucket.

It started giving me problems about a week ago, and I've survived by using various tape methods to keep the cord together. The cord split a bit near where it attaches to the block/adapter/big thingy and I was able to coax a charge out of it. When I got home this afternoon, nothing I did made the little light go on.

What sucks more than not having a computer to go online with (I'm borrowing one ATM) is that there were 2 vids on there, one ready to be uploaded, the other I was planning on finishing tonight. That, and all my contacts, emails, etc.

This totally sucks.

So, until I can figure out a solution to this problem, I'm going to be very scarce. I'll be checking my email maybe twice a day and not keeping up with blogs, etc. Sorry! My birthday's in less than two weeks, so I'm hoping I'll get some cash to buy a new power cord.

In the meantime, keep journaling! I've tons of pages to share with y'all when I get my laptop workin'. I even pulled out the tripod to take nice ones!