a few notes of note

A few notes:

  • I called Apple, and I wasn't covered for an extended time since I bought my computer through my college. Which means they're not going to replace it. Right now, as I'm working on trying to get back on the horse re:paying my bills, I have NO money, which means you won't be seeing any new vids, pictures, or prompts from me any time soon. Yes, I have the birthday hope. It is my only glimmer of hope ATM.
  • Page by Page #3 is going to be delayed. I originally intended to get it out on April 1st; since I can't get to my computer and files, I can't even start on the layout. I am toying with doing this one all by hand & with my typewriter, but since I can't upload, edit, or print photos, I don't know how it'll go. Right now, I'm so in the hole, I can't even pick up my roll of LOMO photos.

  • Contributors! Articles were due yesterday (except Kathy & Dawn). I've gotten one. I still can access my email and print B&W from this computer (the old home everyone-uses-it one), so PLEASE get things in to me so I can at least try to work on the next issue. I want to stay as true to my release date as possible and make this the best issue yet!

  • I have all the prompts for February done, as well as March. I might write up these essays and combine them with the "class" I've had in my head for while into a single-issue 'zine. Don't know yet. We'll see how nice my handwriting is and if I get things down clearly. I'm such a horrible speller, too...

Generally trying to stay optimistic about everything, but who knows? Am still creating journal pages like crazy and havin' some fun with new techniques, etc. I've started doing more illustration work as well, trying to stay on-track with Illustration Friday. Hehe. It's actually a lot of fun!

<3 Kira