i'm back!

Did ya miss me?

Much love to my angel Sharon, who made this possible! *G* I cannot thank you enough, girl! She single-handedly saved me from a computer-less existence.

Right before the power cord died, I was working on an entry about my most recent journal adventure. While it's been about 2 weeks since then, I thought I'd still share it with y'all.

You see, like many things, it started with an idea. On how to improve my journal.

While I loved my hard-bound landscape journal, I didn't like how wide it got when opened. Sure, this is fine on a desk, but when out in the world, like at work or in a doctor's waiting room, it gets a little...awkward. So my great idea was this: go to Staples and get it re-bound with wire. Easy, right? Cut off the spine, punch the holes, and voila! Finished.

Or so I thought.

First, they didn't know if it could be done. I'd talked to the manager a few days earlier who said it COULD. Plus, common sense and experience tells me so. Then, I was told that cutting through the bookcloth would dull the blade, so they wouldn't do it. Fine, I said. Give me an exacto knife and I'll cut the paper out myself.

It had to be the dullest exacto blade ever!

I tried my best, but it still "ripped" the cardboard and book cloth instead of cutting it.

And when they cut the paper, they left the glue and signatures intact! That totally defeats the purpose of the wire binding!

At this point, I was regretting my decision to do this. My journal was in pieces. People were waiting in line behind me. And I was being told the book was too thick! I had to make my journal even thinner!

Remember, they were working with an in-progress journal! My beautiful entries out there to be butchered. Oh, the poor babies, being handled that way!

So then, I was standing there with half my journal in my hands, the ripped spine, watching as they punched holes and holes to try to line things up. Oh, but it doesn't end there!! *wails*

I could see the guy struggling to thread the wire binding through. Bending and twisting and the paper in his hands and oh, the pages and aaaaaahhhhhh!

"Excuse me," I said. "I can do that myself!"

He stopped and gave it all to me. After I finished, here's the result:

journal woe #1

Ohhhhh.....the edges! And the wire isn't circular, meaning you have to really man-handle each page and the covers to page through it! And it's all....BENT! I tried, I really, REALLY tried to deal with the beautiful imperfections, but....half the pages were punched ON THE EDGE, so they fell out.

journal woes #2

*cries* I was so in love with that journal. Don't make my mistake! Buy it in the format you want, or DO IT YOURSELF!!

Here's the replacement (bought a week later...see, I tried!!!):


And thus endith that woe!! Heee!!

I have SO MUCH to tell you! I'm going to post every day because I'm just BURSTING with ideas and creativity! And new vids, too!!

<3 Kira!!!