Week #5: Word Soup (II)

Yes, this counts as the last week of January/ first of February.

Morning Pages & Productivity & 'zine Stuff

I wrote a huge post last night about the wonders of Morning Pages and my productivity, but I'm moving slower today and the energy just isn't there. That, and my laptop's decided NOT to warn me when it's about to die, and I lost the post.

Which was pretty much the story of my day.

After being encouraged by Morning Pages, I not only packaged late orders, but collated and BY HAND cut down several copies of the 'zine to put in back stock. There's a foot-high stack of envelopes on my shelf that represents EVERY ZINE ORDERED. Yes, you read that correctly. If you've ordered a 'zine from me, it's goin' out by Monday. That's it. I'm caught up. Amazing, isn't it? There have been several issues of orphaned (lost) copies, and I've gotten 2 returned thus far, so PLEASE, for the LOVE OF PETE, make sure your PAYPAL ADDRESS is CORRECT & CURRENT. Nothing's worse than getting your copy off to you only to find it sling-shot back. You have to thus wait longer, and I have to pay for shipping out of pocket (too bad I can't use the stamps twice!).

There are several changing regarding the 'zine and such coming up, so I've set up an announcement list link over there on the sidebar for those interested in getting the updates and such.

The Informative & Cool 'zine Announcement List

Woohoo! Etsy Shop Updates!

I also UPDATED MY ETSY SHOP. New collage packs and several original paintings and journal pages are up there. It's time for Kira Fund Raising. I worked a 1099 job this year, which means I actually have to PAY taxes instead of getting something back. Hours at the Day Job are slow. And I've found out some of the debt collectors are calling the references (which is one of the most embarrassing things EVER). My paychecks are going towards my medications (which average over $400 a month), which leaves little to keep the blog going, the 'zine publishing, and other artful expenses. I've already decided to not buy any new supplies this year, or any new purses (I'm a bag ADDICT), so if something in the shop tickles your fancy, PLEASE give it a loving home.

Kira's Awesome Beautiful Etsy Shop!

Word Soup (part deux):


  • Word Soup Page
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Crayons, Markers, Oil Pastels

Pull out your Word Soup page from last week. Look at it. Read over what you have written. I'm sure a little voice in your head is saying, "Well, why did you say that? Isn't (blank) true?" Using your pen or pencil, write in what that inner voice is saying.

Things aren't so nice, now, are they? Invite your inner child to voice their opinion. Use colorful crayons, etc, to doodle on the page (as inner children love to color and usually ignore negative things BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT TRUE). Your critic, the ego, is trying to stay in control -- do you WANT someone like that spoiling your fun? Let the inner child color and play and talk to YOU.

Look at the page when finished. NOW, what does it SAY about you? This is a completed picture, since all sides of you are shown on the page. Sit back and think about what is says and how you can improve on things (if needed).

Do this exercise once a week, if possible. It's important for us to stay in touch with ALL the Beings inside, not just the one that's with you when you sit down to do art.

Click on the image to get to flickr to see the full size (so you can read it!).

word soup -- finished