it's not the destination....

I am on a journey.


It began a few months ago, when I realized my life needed to change and I was the only one who could change it. I then met Kathy, who opened my eyes to a new realm of possibility and introduced me to a wonderful woman-healer who's helped me emensly. In that time, I've found myself happier, able to work longer hours, and, most importantly, gotten off many of my medications.

heal thyself

Don't take this for miraculous recovery -- I still have a long way to go, but I'm excited to embark on the journey. I know I'll be tested, that these almost imediet improvements will taper off, but my faith is growing and I hope it's strong enough to "weather the storm."

on my mind

A wonderful side-effect of all this inner work is my journaling. I've changed my approach and find myself focusing on different things. It comes easier, now, and many nights, you can find me curled in my favorite chair with my journal and my growing collection of Gelly Roll pens (Jo-Ann's had the Moonlight ones on sale for $0.77 each!!). I'm doodling a LOT more, working instinctively with color, drawing and collaging and writing. I don't go out of my way to journal....most of it happens when I'm half-asleep and at my least censored.

i want a new leg

After making the Easy-Peasy journal last week, I wanted one of my own, so I rescued the covered from my "wrecked" sketchbook and made myself a new journal. A ton of pages have random splatters of paint on them....who wants to sit in a room and paint when you can be out in the world seeing?

new Coptic-bound journal

Winter's FINALLY on it's way out! Chicago's been buried under snow and hit with a long, chilly winter....I cannot WAIT for spring......because me and my dogs can go out.


Yes, dogs!

Say hello to my newest addition, Drake!

say hello to Drake!

But in sadder news, our family has lost a member. My mother, after 26 years of marriage, has left the casa. It was sudden, unexpected, and painful to see her go. But I only wish her the best. To say I'm not effected would be a lie, but I'm trying not to think about it -- to stay in the present.

leaving on a jet plane

I'll be spending the day working on the next issue of Page by Page. Speaking of that...

I'm creating a new, larger gallery section! I want it to be a visual feast! So, to do that, I need YOUR journal pages! Send in hi-res pictures and you'll be published. How cool is that?