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As with any sort of blogging, I've been around and have actually opened TypePad to post, but sit there, looking at the screen, wondering the validity of what I want to post. Is it interesting? Worth posting? You know how it goes -- too many questions!

The same thing happens with any sort of creative venture -- you start wondering if those thoughts, colors, etc are worth putting down. You don't want to disappoint, right? Even when the very person you're trying to please is yourself....and you're the one with the ideas! So wouldn't that mean that you'd be pleased because they were your ideas?

Try to wrap your head around THAT?


Coverpreview1More inner than outer work. And I've finally been bit by the 'zine bug. I've decided I'm not going to try and force myself to work on it because that really doesn't, well, WORK. I get bit by this bug and then all I want to do is write and layout and design and wheeeee! I was wondering if I really DID enjoy making the 'zine, since it's been a few months since the last issue went out since I wasn't all gung-ho to go and work on it. But now I know.

I think I've got to start sitting down....showing up to the table. One of the hindrances has been that my laptop battery's not working right now (got someone on it!) so my laptop's been in one stationary place and when I get upstairs, I always want to read or paint or play with the dogs. Arg! So it's now with me and I'm working on a few articles of my own to add to the few I've gotten through submissions.

For a bit, I was sad that not many people have been interested in adding to the 'zine. But I started the thing by myself, and I'm going to keep working on it that way. I've got TONS of ideas and pictures and books to recommend, so that's what I'm going to do. I have too much fun to let external forces influence my emotions over things.

I DO want to get some Moleskine artists in a future issue. I've some contacts and ideas of my own, but please, recommend people you'd like to see!

Here's how this next issue wants to be born. A bit different (or a LOT!), but I am only the messenger!

Check out the AMAZING artwork of the very talented Niki Kelce  (flickr).

Isn't her work just awe-inspiring? After drooling over her flickr page for awhile, I actually pulled out my old stores of gel pens and markers and tried my hand....I wasn't very successful! *laughs* This girl really does have talent and I adore all her work. Go check her out and say hi!

Back to surfing the web for amazing journal artists to invite into Page by Page. Let me know if you know of anyone or if you'd like me to come pay you a visit.

<3 Kira