a prairie adventure

We aren't called the Prairie State for nothing.

above the ground

Today, I went on an adventure.

It's been awhile since I last went into nature, last glanced upon the natural beauty of this world without a windshield in the way. With the weather finally warm, I decided to grab my camera and hike through the woods and prairie near my home in northern Illinois.

prairie under the blue sky

I've missed it so! The sky was no longer cluttered with dark clouds, with overcast skies bringing doom and gloom. While I brought my journal with, I found using photos to document how I was feeling was much more exciting. Unknown. I adore taking pictures but have never considered myself very good at it!

berries in the wind

So, my thoughts dictated where my camera was pointed. The woods, no longer viewed with an objective eye -- a tree is a tree, a path was a path --  trees clanking together became natural wind chimes. Paths winding from view were metaphors for my life at the moment, as were the splits in the paths. Bridges were faith, the hand of Goddess helping me along the way. Those thoughts clouding my mind the most became crystal clear on a digital display.

path to the unknown

Consider the detour, the path off the beaten track. Only a few venture down here, and yet, I found the best mirror for my life on this tiny trail. Gone was the gravel of the way taken by many; wood chips gave way to wild forest instead of manicured grass meant for four-legged companions. And farther down, several wooden "bridges" helped one over the craggy marsh-like depressions of drying river fingers. A wetland and wood living together. Faith. Faith will help you cross the rough patches with grace and ease.

crossing the bridge

You just need to take the first step. It is the hardest.

After 1.8 miles, a length I haven't hiked in many, many years (bad hip, knees, feet, ankles....), I lay on the grass and took a break.

self-portrait :: new haircut

Remember: you ARE one with all. Springy like the grass. Light like the wind. Wild like the weeds. Need energy? Bounce on tall grasses, pet a dog, smile at the wonderful symphony of frogs. Get out there. Walk. It clears your head, refills the well, helps you along.

Tomorrow, I plan to journal my hike. Stay tuned!