Custom Banners Now Available!

Wheee! New layout!

I'm REALLY happy with this banner; it's a completely digital collage using my artwork, photos, and some scans. I haven't really toyed like this in Photoshop for awhile, but man, is it fun!

Now, if only my journal pages came out this well!

And in news: I am now available to design blog banners/headers!

Feel free to visit my gallery of past headers to get an idea of what I can do. I'll have a more professional site up soon, but wanted to give my darling visitors the news first -- email me or comment and I'll give you all the details. I'll even install your banner -- better yet, I can make you a layout, if you'd like. So, if you're in need of a new header/banner, let me know! Price is dependent on what you'd like done, but it won't break the bank -- promise.

Ta! Am off to sew. And write the 'zine~~~!