{ eye candy! }

Phew! I've been cleaning ALL DAY; my room/art space had gotten to the point where I could no longer find anything, and I hadn't done art in weeks because it was too much of a battle to get to my desk, and when I got there, there wasn't any room because of the clutter! My shelves are now all clean, everything in drawers -- making labels is next on the list. But I decided to take a little break since I found some journal pages I haven't posted yet...I think...in some of the journals I discovered under all the mess (read: mostly laundry).



These were from around the time my mom was in the hospital last Christmas, which is why I can't remember if they were posted or not....my brain's all muddled from last year's hospital visits (for two immediate family members), drama, and a car accident. Anyway, I'm sure the pages reflect all that 'cause, well, it was all on my mind!

unfinished orange
This one was abandoned. Not because it's no good -- I did the whole thing, including the watercolors, in a doctor's waiting room -- but because I was focusing on being there and sleeping when I wasn't. I bought a new journal with Christmas money, looking for a fresh start, and never looked back. nature

This was made more recently, the image one I'd had in my head for weeks...I think it turned out all right!


outside chair

And here are two pages from my CURRENT journal that are just waiting to be filled. More doodling, coloring, writing, all that fun stuff. But I just wanted to show you some pages in-progress to get an idea of my process. ;) (view them on flickr for notes on the process)

Well! I'm back to cleaning! I found a painting I started a month ago that wants some love, too! *laughs* I'm sooo still in my PJ's and haven't taken a step outside. Time to re-charge and re-fill and get things in order so I can make it all a mess again while working. ;)