{ jazz up written entries & kira grab "box" #1 }

photo for how to jazz up written entries

Last week, the topic of written journal entries vs. art journal entries came up on the workshop discussion list. While some people maintain two separate journals -- one for the "art" and one for the "words," others, including myself, put the two together.

The discussion got me thinking -- how can you make a simple handwritten entry "fit" with the rest of the journal? And then I realized I already KNEW how to do this....I've been doing it since the beginning. Here's how I jazz up handwritten entries, like the one at the left.

1. Do a simple watercolor wash on a few pages in your journal; I use watercolor crayons and like to play around with color combinations. It's freeing and allows for discovery!

2. When the need for a simple, handwritten entry presents itself, write atop the watercolor pages. Instant color!

3. Go through and add embellishment. Underline important passages. Draw tiny pictures to illustrate some of the words.

4. Color in words and letters! I love doing this!

See!? Easy as pie. Now, you've got your written entry in your journal and it's a bit more colorful. Color adds SO MUCH meaning to your entries....if you're in the workshop, you know that already!

Kira Grab "Box" #1

We're in the process of getting ready for a garage sale around here in the Casa de Kira, which has me cleaning out old purses and such...as well as art supplies! I felt you all would benefit more from my discarded treasures more than random strangers showing up at my house....plus, who doesn't like a package of fun art stuff!?!

Every day this week, I'll be putting up a box of goodies for purchase. Since I don't have a camera, I shall list some of the goodies in this, the first, box. It's one of those 8.5x11x5 flat rate boxes from the post office.

+ Cavallini postage stamp set (in the tin and everything!)
+ R+H mini-binder in lavender (I use one of these as a planner...they're great!!!)
+ tons of fabric!
+ found papers
+ a HANDMADE JOURNAL by yours truly. ;)
+ buttons, trim, and lace
+ a nice zip-up storage case for on-the-go
+ ink pad
+ felt
+ vintage air mail set
+ randoms pens & makers
+ pretty blue coin envelopes.

Everything's in awesome condition...it just needs a new home!

The box is $25 + $15 shipping. The first to comment gets it; it'll be sent out the same day you pay! All packed up and ready to go!

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's box of goodies! Some other stuff ready to go: a making memories alphabet type set (with TONS of letters!), some paintings of mine, more fabric, marker sets, and TONS of found papers!