{aside: kurt halsey on a chilly autumn night}

In an effort to post more than just essays, here's a bit I found while searching for inspiration. After an unexpectedly early and busy day at work, I've taken to the couch with my journal to sketch out ideas for the two paintings I'm working on (and watching the Hell's Kitchen finale!). Brr! It's cold outside! Time to snuggle with the dogs!

Check out the redesign! I opted for a simple, hand-done design. 

Anyway, Kurt Halsey is hands down my favorite artist. I stumbled upon his work through icons on LiveJournal, and have been hooked ever since. His amazing drawings and paintings just radiate human emotion of all kinds. I even have some of his paintings hanging in my studio -- they were the first I ever bought. 

Go over to his site and check out his work, but not before you read this heartbreaking blog entry. Proof that even "real" artists have problems, and that making it your livelihood has its downside.