{misheard lyrics}

Instead of misheard, maybe it's what we need to hear at the moment. The words to inspire or get things moving.

The base for this painting sat untouched for a week (which isn't a record; another base has been sitting untouched for a month, waiting for the right moment) until I misheard some lyrics. I jumped up from my desk, grabbed the ink, and wrote out what I heard, an idea already forming in my head.

What I love is how the girls look. While I've been using other drawings as a guide for awhile (that's how I learn, btw, by copying and internalizing and using guides), I decided to let it go and do my own thing. I have always worried about my people looking "right." What a load of crap! Look at the Simpsons, or Family Guy, or any other animated show. Do those people look "right?" Of course not! They are what the original animator decided looked right to THEM!

So I did my own thing. And wow...years of reading manga have really influenced me, huh! The middle girl even looks like a girl I work with. It was just such a cool process.

And okay, okay, I'm writing again. Things have been so up in the air with this medication change that I'm so behind! I'm aiming for 30,000 words at this point....and think I can do it! Going to explore what I discovered while doing this painting today before more journaling, then off to the junkyard for some parts....I can be girly when I want, but I also can do work on my own car!

Thank you for the push to keep at it. I really appreciate it, and probably would have quit if not for all you. Love you tons!