{an eclectic post - journal #10 video, new bag, around the studio}

Since we're pretty much finished with journal #10, here's the page-by-page video I made a few weeks ago. You may recognize the music; this is the short, original piece I played around with that was eventually folded into a longer song for the Papaya! video. Sandrine was shocked to find out that, yes, this is music of my own creation! YouTube took away a few of my videos because of music, so I decided I'd just make my own.

When I got home from work yesterday, my mom said, "Kira, there's a package for you!"

I immedietly ran and grabbed the box, then saw who it was from -- Papaya! Inside was a brand new tote and let me tell you, these bags are AMAZING! Not only are they beautiful and show the world inspiring messages, but are versitle! Inside are a bunch of pockets, and the whole thing's made from oilcloth so you can throw some towels in and go to the beach without worries (in fact, my mom wants to take it with her on her cruise next month).

what's in my bag, happy shiny papaya edition!

I LOVE the What's in your bag group on Flickr; for some reason, I can't get enough of what people carry around with them! If you click on the photo, you'll be taken to it's page on Flickr, where you can read the notes of what everything is.

Well, it's a dreary, rainy day. Plan to finish a painting, play in my journal, and then watch Star Trek, all the extras (3 hours!!), then it again with commentary. *giggles* Why, yes, I AM a nerd!

So here are some photos from around the studio -- they're posted to the Journal Girl Facebook page. I'm having fun with it, putting some cool content up there that doesn't really fit on the blog. This is my favorite shot:

Have a lovely day!