{ merry mess-making }

A new layout. I don't know if I'm satisfied with it as of yet...I don't have much time left tonight to tinker, as I have to work in the morning (4 am, yipee!). But I was sad over not having a pretty header, so I searched for days, looking for one that would fit one nicely. Idealy, I'd love something like this one, but we'll see. Last night, I ran up to the studio with a pile of new supplies, ready to work....except I felt constricted on my desk, even though it's pretty big! So I gathered up things and moved to the circle chair mat on the floor with some of my favorite bits and pieces.

journaling on the floor

With my cute knitted mary jane slippers on my feet, I squirted, mushed, smeared, and sprayed watercolors all over the collaged papers in my journal. Teenage Kira and I are still doing good on our agreement -- no acrylics whatsoever, and I'm using patterned papers again -- and seem to be getting along better. We converse better when the music's pumping and I'm just doing.

I've got to tell you: there really IS something to this mess-making thing. When pools of watercolor sat on the page, I actually lifted the journal and shook it in the air -- I splashed it EVERYWHERE -- letting the paint go where it may. Totally fun! Turn off your brains and just GO FOR IT!

my favorites!!!

Can you tell which are the new ones? They'd be the pretty ones -- I carry my crayons around a LOT in a plastic holder and they get bits of each other on each other from simply being near one another.

Have you ever wondered about that? How simply meeting someone or being near a stranger can change things? Simply seeing a journal page can spark limitless bounds of creativity. An overhead conversation springs forth an entire novel. Human beings spread bits of their souls through contact. Conversation. People watching.

pages in progress

Here's the page a bit later on. The circles are cupcake liners I had on the floor from a failed attempt at creating a cupcake garland (does anyone know how to do this? I can't get it to work!!), both pressed into wet watercolors at different stages. The photo was printed on my new color laser printer (mmmm!). I sqirted watered-down watercolor paint onto the page, smeared it with my hands, then shook the journal in the air to let it go all over the place.

I painted gesso over a stencil and tried doing a resist with my watercolor crayons, but I think it only works with acrylics -- nice to know! The girl's on a piece of paper with buttons sewn as her hair ties. I pasted it all down, and stopped thinking about keeping things "clean." Let things bleed over. It will all work out in the end.

Well, I need to get ready for bed! Can you believe that? I'm going to bed soon and it's only 7:30!

love, kira