{ journal page #9.1 }


Whee! Welcome to the first page in my current journal! Here’s what went into the creation of this page: 1.    Wrote on the blank page with sumi-e ink. Covered with gesso. 2.    Splashed and played with watercolors in red, pinks, and oranges. This allowed the big writing to show through in places. Tinted white areas with Fresco Creme Golden Glaze 3.    Pasted down some scrap papers hanging around the studio, as well as a page from a spiral journal scrapbooking thingy. 4.    Dry-brushed gesso over the papers. Since the watercolors were still kinda wet, they swirled in with it. 5.    Stenciled the bird in with gesso. 6.    Doodled left-hand border. 7.    Wrote with ink at the bottom, then journaled