{journal page #9.2: stages of brain growth}


I've always loved science, but never had the mind for math despite loving algebra. I used to say I could solve algebraic equations every day, all day, because of how much joy they brought me. These days, the only math I do is figure out change when running a till.

I miss science. Or rather, the blend of science and faith. Several years ago, I became a fan of Laura, a Moleskine artist and retailer who's no longer online (but you can still view her flickr album). Her beautiful pages exposed me to the magic of alchemy, the study of the divine in science. Through an outline like a hypothesis (remember writing those in grade school?), the worldly is related to the sublime, the everyday to the magical. It was the first time I realized life itself is magic, a magic so awesome, there are no words.

Now, I find myself comparing this major change in my life to the stages of the alchemical process. To science illustrations. Because these changes are so complex, I need something familiar to explain them; words, for once, are failing me.

PS. if you're interested in alchemy, I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine MacCown's book On Becoming an Alchemist. Easily one of my favorites and very easy to follow.