{OOOPS is okay!}

walking -- journaled

After doing this journal page (on one of my journal jumps released last week), I figured out what I was going to film for this week's video.

So, I sat down, aligned the camera, and started doing my thing. I got totally into it, singing along to the music playing in the background. It was a little hard to write from an angle, but the handwriting looks really cool, so yay!

But when I finished and looked up at the display, it was flashing TAPE END. OH NO! When did the tape end? How much of my doodling did I get? Will it still work as a vid?

It cut off the rest of me writing, but you get all the drawing! And coloring! Oh, the hazards of making vids....

I've been so busy with online stuff, life stuff, scanning-for-the-zine stuff, I haven't painted in DAYS. I spend all this time in the studio, but never get my hands messy. Sometimes, the life of an artist is administrative, not creative, but it's killin' me. In order to create more, I need to do more, but then I'm not creating! At least I worked in my journal today. Isn't that what really matters?