{mini-e-zine: learning grace: two weeks - a lifetime}

Instead of writing waxing poetics or appologies here, coupled with images, I decided to let it all loose and publish the last week and a half/two weeks of journal pages in a mini-e-zine FOR FREE here on the blog.

My finger is healing nicely, and I'm writing posts again; I'll be back to my regular schedule later this week, starting with Friday's Things I Have Learned, the Soldering Edition. ;)

If I didn't have this outlet of journaling, I don't know what I would have done. Gone more crazy than I did?

Please leave comments on the 'zine here or use the contact form to email me.

<3 kira

PS. YouTube found my background music in 2 videos -- they are still available for download on the Video Downloads page.

Learning Grace (PDF) - 24MB
(right click, 'save as')