{New Friday Feature! Points of Two: week #1 differences in surroundings}


Points of Two is a year-long exploration into the differences in all of us. We aim to journal focusing on the same idea, but create very different pages – two points of view, two different styles, brought together to showcase the idea that there is no wrong way to journal and everything you create is art. Join us as we journal the year, creating and exploring the space between and discovering how small that gap really is. 

The two of us are me and Roben-Marie!

Week #1's focus was on the differences in our surroundings.

When we planned this one, I had just been covered with 10 inches of snow, and everything seemed burried by the fluffy white flakes. My Jack Russel, Drake, is so small, he had to jump around in order to find a place to do his business outside. His playful leaps and snow-covered face had us giggling and pulling out the camera. When I remember this winter, I will remember him.

Because of that, I decided to use that photo as the focus of this journal page. We associate blues and whites with snow and cold temperatures, so I made the background blue, knowing I'd be using white to blend the snow of the photo into the page. Documenting the date and temperature seemed right, and a smaller photo of a view out my front door helped bring together the right feeling.

But I don't like such bleh pages, so I just HAD to doodle all over with crayons, trying to show playfullness and excitement over our covered landscape. Traffic was bad, the air was freezing, and everyone wanted to stay in; Drake's fun was the bright point of our chilly night.


Check out Roben-Marie's blog for the background on her page!