{Points of Two Week #2: What do we want to accomplish this year?}


Hey! This week, we explored what we want to accomplish this year.

When I work on a project, I usually allow my desk to become a complete mess -- paper scraps, discarded items, photos, pens, etc. So when I sat down to do this week's journal page, I had a ton of stuff to choose from. This page is just a jumble of scraps...I don't know where life is heading and I'm trying to hold the pieces together. But I know what I want to accomplish, and tried to let that play out on the page. Forgetting about audience and source and method, I just played....as you can tell by the girl on the left. But play always has a place, and let this become a favorite.

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& Roben-Marie's Page:

New post coming next week, including all the details for my first workshop!