{distractions and procrastination on a Sunday}

So, when I became self-employed last week, I thought, "Hey, I'll have a ton of time on my hands, I'll get a lot done!" I had all these great ideas I teased by Facebook followers with (usually because I get bored and want to talk or see if I SHOULD, because the internet is now the Great Validator of projects, etc) that I'd come up into the studio to start, and then, low and behold! the computer would be like, "Come put your fingers all over my keyboard and read stuff," so I would. Because I can't resist the pull of the computer and the stuff on it. Usually about an hour in, I realize a.) I have just wasted an hour online and should start working, and b.) I could be doing this from the couch with my netbook. But that would require moving, so I just drool all over my desk and read some more.

And then I'll get a headache and go read a REAL book and then fall asleep, usually cuddled with my dog.

Yesterday I did nothing but watch Chuck season 1 (which is backwards because I watched season 2 while depressed and sitting on the couch. which was okay, because losing your job is one of the worst things, blah blah and everyone gave me a wide berth since I was also majorly bitchy and prone to crying if you looked at me) and read my book, which redeemed me because it's non-fiction and educational and helping me remember lost Japanese.

Anyway, I walked into the studio today to work and this is what I walked into:


A complete mess. Evidence I DID work this week, just not that much because, you know, things happen.

Friends want to hang out now that I don't work all weekend, or want to get me drunk (yay!), things like that. And then there's the family. Ah, the crazy family that gives me enough material to write several entertaining books that would probably make people feel better because THEIR families aren't crazy. But crazy's fun. So is dancing to an iPod in a laundromat with your awesome mother.

Of course, now I want to procrastinate by cleaning everything up and starting over, but then I'll clean and get bored and need more pop and then my brother will have cake for his birthday (which I'm saving my calorie points for, because Dr Oz has become my guide...much like Oprah for people who like medical stuff) and then there will probably be stuff on tv I want to watch.

SO, I am posting because the little BING of an incoming email would be like a taskmaster saying, "Get back to work, Kira!" and then I will. Because there ARE tons of things I have gathered supplies for to make and want to, but OH the internet is distracting. I think I'll go read for ten minutes, then come back. Yes. That sounds good. And because this is cute, here's Drake in his new hoodie:

And oh, look, there's Chuck playing in the background. I totally just noticed that.