{Points of Two Week #9: a sign from above}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

This week was Roben-Marie and I focused on an instance when we felt God gave us a sign that we were on the right path or when he guided us in the right direction.

It was hard to think of a time, because the Divine can be incredably subtle and nudge you without you even knowing. Those little moments of serendipity, a chance meeting, a missed connection -- these are all helpful nudges from above.

I focused on the idea of a chaotic life needing direction and the myriad of possibilities we're presented with at every moment as I composed this page. I was really thinking and putting my confusion and awe onto the page. There are little things only I know the meaning of, and more apparent hints -- just like these signs!

Finally, I chose the time when I decided to follow my heart and not the money. I stumbled upon a Paper Source near my office, and often went in. Then, when I started to become disenchanted by my job as a property manager (read: landlord's assistant, the one doing all the dirty work), I received comments from the staff about how I'd be a good fit, how they'd love to work with me. The next week, there was a sign saying they were hiring. Next visit, I met the store manager and she gave me an application. On the day I was to start, I walked up to my boss (a VP!) and told her I was leaving. She'd treated me horribly the day before, and that really pushed me to leave.

If I hadn't done that, I would have never discovered art journaling as it is. I would have never learned how to do the covers on a journal you make yourself. This was a clear sign that I was meant for other things, and the one that remains a top change in my life.

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Points of Two Week #9: a sign from above

found papers, scrapbooking pages, scrap shapes (mine!) watercolor crayons, dip pen & ink

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