{vlog questions and answers, plus some books i'm reading}

with intention

When I opened my email this morning, I had two comments full of questions off yesterday’s live vlog. So I thought, why not answer them in a post?

This batch is from Cassandra Marie.

1. When you keep the collage podge in the little gladware containers, does the top dry out from the air in the container?

Nope! I think it’s the same as when you have a jar of gel medium...there’s air in there, but volume keeps things from drying out. Gesso in the little containers may get a little dry on the top, but you mix it in and everything’s fine.

2. I'm sad I missed whatever shenanigans that were going on in the chat!

HAHA. They were talking about a French textbook and what it could really be a textbook on....

4. For whatever reason, neither Michaels nor Joanns carries Sumi-e ink. Right now, I'm using black acrylic thinned with india ink, as acrylic is too chunky, but india ink seems too grey and not black enough (sounds like that discussion happened in chat).

Yup. I’ve found that sumi-e ink is the blackest, most consistent ink I’ve found. Blick online carries it, ya know. And it’s really inexpensive.

5. I love how you just paint right over the collage. I've been experimenting with that since I first found you on youtube a year ago, but to no avail. There must be some secret!

I’ve never thought about a secret -- I just do what feels right to me. Experiment with the water-to-paint ratio when trying to work over a collage. Or just drip paint directly onto the collage and move it around with your fingers.

6. I got a cool feather dip pen with different nibs, but how they are supposed to attach is beyond me. Sad, really.

Usually, the nib just slides into the top of the holder.

7. That drip could have looked neat if you left it. Serendipity, right?

Considering I ended up painting over the page, collaging a bit of random papers from the doctor today, and then just decided to write it off.....yeah. It could of stayed and caused no problem. ;)

8. Are you going to fill in the chrysanthemums with white like you did with the stamps?

Maybe! I leave things like that for later, when I’m bored somewhere in a waiting room or can’t really get into whatever project I’m working on...then I’ll turn to that page with a pen in my hand and work on it. I’m sure many of my pages, if you looked at them now, have more things added than the images I post. I’m never REALLY done.

9. What book are you reading?

I’m reading “The Red Book” by Sera Beak (the quote on the page above is from that book). I’m fifty pages in and am completely and totally in love with this book, and wish it were required reading for every person looking to ignite that divine spark inside. 

I’ve really been reading a lot, looking to expand and grow spiritually and just...in general. I’m nearly finished with “Tranquilista” by Kimberly Wilson, which I picked up after Hannah’s awesome review. This book has me thinking about how I live my life -- being a responsible inhabitant of this planet, living with intention -- and what areas need something more. It even goes over fashion, make-up, accessories, and starting your own business.

But “The Red Book” is just -- it is the book I’ve been looking for forever. It’s about spirituality and lighting that spark inside you that connects you to the divine. And how to be a modern woman spiritual cowgirl.

I’m also reading “Spirited” by Rebecca Rosen, which I grabbed on impulse from the NEW shelf at my local library (which is a JEWEL, considering how fast I go through books). It’s all about learning to listen to your intuition and connecting with spirit for guidance. She also helps you to work through past issues in order to move forward in life. I’m halfway through and really enjoy her voice and candor.

And a question from Make-a-Life

3.What kind of paper is your art journal made of?

My journal, and all the journals I make have poster board as the pages. You know, the thick stuff you make posters on in grade school? It’s the thickest and cheapest paper I’ve found and works AWESOMELY.

Tomorrow, the first Collage Book comes out! You don't want to miss it!