{Welcome Collage Book #1 to my digital shop! (but you can totally get a printed copy!)}

Yep! My first collage & journaling book is here! I've filled it with some sheets you've seen, but added a BUNCH of new stuff, including my pointers for journaling prompts -- they're really good, and maybe I'll post 'em on the blog in a few weeks! There's tons of collage sheets, shapes, and journal jumps, all ready to help you on your journaling journey.

Why are you still here? Go read about what's in it, see more photos, and order your copy!

It is really awesome, and I have my copy handy when I'm working in my journal, because there's just so many bits and pieces that are absolutely perfect for whatever I'm playing with.

Just a note: I'll be away from the computer until tomorrow afternoon, so orders will go out starting then. Oh, I'm so excited for you!