{vlog tuesday: a beginning guide to soldering}


Heee heee! I'm back!

Thanks for all the comments about the studio. I'm going to lose it as soon as we move, so I'm trying to really appreciate it right now. Oh, all the space I'll be losing! It means I need to get organized and used to putting everything away NOW so it becomes habit for LATER.

This week, I was working on some soldered pendants for my shop, so I just turned on the camera! There's a little bit of a "be right back" at the beginning because we were in the middle of showing the house to the Buy Owner guy...other than that, I was really into what I was doing!

[ vlog tuesday 4/13/10: soldering for beginners ]

I did end up staying at the desk....and while I thought I was only there for an hour longer, it ended up being TWO hours! I keep "losing time," that is, getting so into projects, I don't notice it passing. And I did end up getting used to the new solder and actually LOVE it compared to what I'd been using. I can make things thicker, and do effects, and the jump rings are easier to attach.

Except my hands shake too much, and this solder takes longer to harden. *sigh* Usually things don't bother me -- I've learned to compensate for my shaking ever since collage and not being able to do hand-held camera work because of it -- but this really did! Sometimes, it sucks being stuck in a body that doesn't work right.



So I shined everything up and attached the darling charms to the bottoms!



These are the larger pendants, and the one in the middle, is, of course, for me! I just need to find a chain for it. *giggles*


All the pretty pendants, all in a row...

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This week's Points of Two: a list of me. Write about you in a list -- kind of like an about page!