{a very special vlog wednesday}

I was stuck out of town extra long yesterday, so wasn't able to do the vlog. However, I tried to twitter that I'd be hosting on this morning so people in other time zones might be able to come on by. No, the system wasn't perfect, but I don't have an emergency tree! If there's someone who'd like to help -- I could email you and you can post on the Journal Girl wall maybe? I think I can post here via email...Anyway, you live and learn!

[ very special wednesday vlog ]

It's just me painting, because there wasn't anyone there when I started. So yah! I had tons of fun. Next week, I'll be working in my journal for the whole time, since I haven't done a layers vid in awhile.

Okay. I'm getting to bed early tonight; I didn't get to bed until 3am yesterday and kinda want to get a good night's sleep!