{points of two week #21: sketches!}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

Sipping tea on a nice summer Friday. This week, I suggested adding a sketch to our pages, as I've been in a sketching mood. Roben-Marie was a bit hesitant, which is understandable - many people don't think they can sketch, and so, don't even try. But practice makes perfect, lovelies; five or six years ago, I couldn't draw a thing. And think I still can't. But I love the freedom and discovery and thrill of taking out a pencil and just playing.

And this page doesn't have much on it - not a lot of writing or doodles. But there's a story written there in the swoops of the pencil, swirls of a brush loaded with ink. It starts with me finally getting out of the house, drinking that iced chai I love, and putting on my big pink headphones. Grabbing a pencil and playing around. Shaping the eyes. Going back, in my mind, to shapes I've loved before, those I've hated, and how I wanted to reconcile them into something good.

Working with a blender that wasn't cleaned off shot down the coloring idea. I spread over white paint and spied an old painting from the corner of my eye, how I love the shape of the girl's head, and so I try again, over the paint, with ink. The eyes are big. The hair's odd. And while she isn't the best, she represents me getting back to the journal, having fun, not stressing about classes or blogging or painting on large canvases. Just getting in there, doing my thing. I started as a drawer; my first journal is full of the world around me interpreted through the tip of a pen, and I want to get back to that, somehow.

This was the first page created from my toolbox and suitcase, on the floor in what was a studio and is now half-packed away. Could this still work without it all? Yes. Yes it can. So here she is, a picture with so much written, the letters have blended to paint and shape.

And here's Roben-Marie's. See? She did lovely sketches! I never said they had to be of people!

I'm off to grab some tech gear and clean out my inbox. :D