{things i'm digging this monday afternoon}

july 11

+ I've decided I want to start drawing every day again. I'm working in two little journals and rip the pages out and tape them in as extra pages in my regular journal. which is becoming more of a sketchbook filled with art and drawings and such. It's really exciting. This is yesterday's page, done while lying on the couch.

+ Zura has created an directory of all the great classes and workshops you can find online. Give it a browse and find something new to learn!

+ You've been following Connie's 30 Journals in 30 Days, right? My interview will be up on July 19th. :D

+ I got my copy of Dawn Sokol's Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls. It's AMAZING. Go over and check out my review to see how much I love it! And while you're there, grab a copy!

+ Have you noticed the new link up top there? That's right -- you can now grab the first three issues of my art journaling 'zine Page by Page as either a digital copy or printed 'zine. There's tons of great stuff in there!

+ I'm also now blogging daily over at Journal Girl Loves...., my tumblr of journal and creativity inspiration.