{points of two week #26: fabric!}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

This week’s topic was delayed because of me setting up email on my new computer and not realizing the outgoing server was having issues. Woe! So my message, intended to go out on Tuesday, didn’t reach Roben-Marie until Wednesday. And I was pretty hyper when I wrote the email, and the reply. In fact, I’m pretty damn hyper right now. Must be all the new creative mojo running through my veins!

What was the topic? Oh, I forgot to say? FABRIC!

Fabric’s great to use in a journal. It adds texture and you can usually find pretty awesome patterns that you won’t find in a scrapbooking aisle. And if you’re afraid it won’t attach to the page well, don’t fear: you can glue it, use double-sided tape, or even sew it on! As I was working on this while watching The Artistic Biker’s webcast last night, I couldn’t pull out the sewing machine. So mine is glued on.

The background for this was done with watercolors over collaged paper, and then I put down the fabric as I would any patterned paper. But I love how the edges are rough, and there are strings coming off the sides — I let the glue hold them down wherever they want, but there are still a few stragglers here and there. When I brush my hand over the page, I can feel the difference between the paper and the fabric.

The cool ledger tape is also fabric (which you can purchase through Stampington here), so score on two fronts!

I’m also playing with fonts, I guess, if you could say that when referring to handwritten things, but I’m sure you get my drfit. And you may notice one of the cute clouds from last week’s page on there — I have last week’s page hanging above my desk and the cloud fell off. I put it back. It fell off again. So there it goes, and since it’s in a book, now, I don’t expect any more backtalk from it.

I journaled about a few things because my mind’s all over the place. And I did this when I woke up. Grabbed a glass of iced tea, my two dogs, and some pens, and sat outside in the early morning summer sun to journal my heart out. Doodled. Wrote. I feel this is the rawest time to work, because your brain is awake but your internal censor isn’t...you can just write and write and it’s so peaceful…


(ps, under the flap, it says, "I keep sleeping in so late!" in big blue cursive. i love the idea of secrets in the journal you can only see if you're holding it in your hands...)

And here's Roben-Marie's page. Isn't it awesome!? I just love it! Check out her blog for her story!