{how kira got her mojo back}

It’s no secret that, for the last few weeks, I’ve been working more on the computer than in my journals or on canvas — packing up most of your supplies and losing desk space will do that to you — only pulling them out for Tuesday Vlog sessions or my weekly page for Points of Two. I can’t say it’s been entirely due to circumstance, as stress would be a more motivating force when it comes to art; instead, I’ve just been tired. My legs have been giving me more issues that normal, meaning I haven’t been sleeping very much, and sitting in a chair and pulling out papers and painting has seemed daunting.

And I haven’t been all that inspired, I guess. Maybe long to-do lists are the kryptonite to creative impulses — how could I take time to play when I still had so much to do?

Being a holiday weekend, I decided to take the time off, gather supplies in an old, discarded Easter basket, and head outside to try and journal.

And OMG, did it work! I spent the last three days outside working in two journals, switching back and forth between layers, not wanting to lose the flow while things dried. You see, on Thursday, I ventured to Michael’s and bought a little cheap pan watercolor set — who knew all the great things you could do with them? And with less mess? And with fun effects?

I just had to keep playing and making backgrounds, and then play with tape and new ways of writing inspired by a sign at Starbucks and papers and doodles and bits. I made a MESS. I made other people come out and play with me. I got spray paint in the sand. And sand on my pages.

Now I want to doodle and draw and paint some more and get stencils and make messes and find stick-on letters and new white paint and just keep going keep going until I drop...