{welcome hodgepodge vol. #1 to the world!}

Months of work and years of journal pages, essays, and photos all collected into one thick e-book, ready for you to download and enjoy!

Simply head over to the new digital goods shoppe to grab your copy. Or maybe you’d like to see a preview of the first 10 pages?

To celebrate the launching of this brand-new project, I’m hosting a giveaway — this set of Pilot Latte gel pens. They’re small (chibi!), cute, and bright — perfect for those of you who doodle and play with pens!

Simply leave a comment about your greatest fears about making art to enter.

Why your greatest fears? Because I want to be able to send you all letters of LOVE to help you get past them and into the blossoming world of art and journaling. This first issue of Hodgepodge is all about going past what we think we can do and doing what’s in our hearts.

(PS. If you pre-ordered your copy, you shall be receiving an email shortly with a discount code!)

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