{points of two week #30: stamping!!}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

Can you believe we're at 30 weeks?! How the time has just flown! We're more than halfway through the year and still faithfully creating our journal pages for Friday...which is exactly one of the reasons we started a joint-challenge! Knowing there's someone outside yourself depending on you to finish is one of the greatest motivators. It's one of the reasons I put my things up for pre-order -- it gives me a solid, get-it-up-NOW deadline!

Since encountering the lovely stamps of Papertrey Ink at CHA last week (OH, it's been a week already? *sad* Why can't we have a CHA every weekend?!), I've been exploring this new world. I've never really used any stamp pads but the black that came with my Cavallini alphabet set, and rarely stamped. But I've learned some great new tricks from my girl (and post-it note!) Ky aka Scrapacat, and spent three hours playing with stamp pads and stamps yesterday.

And, since Roben-Marie runs a stamp company, we decided stamps would be the perfect theme for this week.


And Roben-Marie's page! She used her NEW stamps coming out soon on this one! I've seen 'em, and they're REALLY COOL! She's such a talented woman (and a sweetheart, too!)

PS. You still have until tonight to enter the giveaway! So leave a comment if you haven't already!