{raindrops canvas shapes tutorial!}


I have been enjoying a lovely staycation, doing art for myself, reading, taking naps, but when I got the idea for this project, I just had to share this tutorial with you! 
At the beginning of the week, I knocked on my neighbor’s door and asked if I could borrow her sewing machine. She was kind enough to let me - her home is so artful and whimsical! - and I’ve been making shapes ever since! Lately, I’ve been into documenting my process as part of my new written journal, so I can show you all step by step how I made this pretty piece of art. 
This started as a late-night AH-HA I sketched in my journal. I love seeing things jump off the page and into life!

I cut a stencil from an index file folder. Since I’m having fun stitching, I like to have consistent shapes if I decide to make more than one (and I did!). This also helps with the raindrops; they are all pretty equal in size. 

Fold a piece of canvas in half. Try to make it about two inches bigger on all four sides so it’s easy to stitch later on. Trace your stencil on with a pencil. 

Sew along the pencil lines with a sewing machine. I like going around 3 times - it just looks cool, like messy pencil lines (since I’m not trying for perfection here!). Alternate colors, if you’d like! 

The foot on my machine is a darning foot. And you can go from one shape to another without re-starting - just lift the needle, slide the fabric, and insert the needle manually where you want to start on the next shape! Then you’re ready to go!

Gesso one side inside the “lines.” Because these are two piece of canvas sewn together (for durability and awesomeness), your pieces will curl a bit. I like this! If you want it to be flat, gesso BOTH sides. 

Paint with pretty colors! I used the same two colors and dabbed ‘em with water…I love this look, and it’s one that you can’t really get when working on paper. 


Decorate, doodle, and stamp! Punch three holes in the bottom of the cloud and set in some little eyelets. Punch a hole in the tops of the raindrops. Set eyelets. 

String them together with ribbon, wire, trim - whatever you want! Add a pin in the back so you can put it on your purse, glue or stitch shapes down on a painting or journal page - go with it!

If you want to alter some shapes but aren’t brave enough yet for stitching with the sewing machine, I do have quite a few sets up for sale in my Artfire shop, along with a couple wings sets for your altering pleasure! 

And if you really want to learn more about working on loose canvas, won’t you take my class as part of the 21 Secrets workshop series? Click here to view more details