{Have you heard? 21 Secrets goes on sale today!}



That's right! You can finally sign up for this amazing workshop series put together by the lovely Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio. There are 21 of us teaching little workshops, meant to inspire and educate you on all the nifty stuff you could be doing with your art and journaling.

Isn't that a dreamy pile of journaled canvas up there? It grows thicker every day. Canvas is SUCH a versatile medium to work on, and really cheap! There is just so much more you can do on it than paper -- the possibilities really are endless!

My workshop includes step-by-step instruction and little tricks via PDF, as well as 3 15-minute length videos to help guide you through the entire process.

I really wanted to present all the possibilities I've discovered while playing on canvas -- so there's TONS of techniques and ideas to get you started.

And all for $59?! It's a HUGE deal, and will be inspiring you for MONTHS to come!

So why don't you sign up and join us?

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