{a full plate just before the next step}



I’m writing this from my comfy chair. It’s a spot I’ve always found soothing, the first place I go when not feeling well or particularly inspired, when I’ve got a bowl of ice cream or want to cuddle with a puppy. I can curl just right to write in my journal or shift to the side to make just enough room for a box of paint. I love sitting here and working, out in the open where I can intersect with the others I live with and the dogs that snuggle to our warmth.

My plate, as of late, has been incredibly full, and this chair has stood empty as I ran around, trying to get so many things done in a day. My days have been so ordered, I had to break the rules in order to work on my painting yesterday.

And it felt wonderful.

But I ran back to my responsibilities afterwards, and filmed my usual Tuesday video. I’m going to be honest with you - I got bored while editing it. It was forced and dry and lacking art because I had too much on my mind, other things I had to get done. It had become an item on a checklist.

My plate is too full. I will tell you why: I am working on something amazing and new! A workshop I hope will bring so many to the joys of film and editing and help open up the internet to all the amazing art we are all creating. A new venture in my life to help others create online workshops that wow while presenting clear, dynamic content. A web portfolio of my work. And a new birth for this blog.

So I’ll see you all back here on Monday, January 31st for a major reveal of the next stage in my creative and professional life. I hope you’ll join me!

(I will, of course, be posting the last 2 weeks of Points of Two.)