{a little peek & taking inspiration and creating something new}


I am just finishing up a project and wanted to be able to share at least a peek of it before sending it off!

I’ve been inspired by a whole host of artists lately, and incorporated their techniques or basic ideas into this journal page. I wanted to show you how you can learn from someone else but make it all uniquely your own.

Ruth Rae creates the most amazing fiber artwork, an I just adore her work. There are a few pieces of hers in Inner Excavation by Liz Lamoreux, and I just had to try some stuff out! Above are pieces of muslin left over from my messenger bag alteration that I stamped on with Staz On ink. I would have never thought of this unless I’d seen her artwork with stamped images on it!


I’ve been totally inspired by Traci’s Art Journaling Daily posts, expecially this one, where we get to see her write! It got me pulling out my own dip-pen and ink, and I just spilled onto the page all that was on my mind.


Roben-Marie’s gotten me into the Liquitex Ink! And several books talk about painting with the dauber in the ink bottle. So I colored things in and was amazed at how cool the white bled into the purple.

The flower is a die-cut shape from sticky-back canvas. I seriously love that stuff and use it all the time to embellish my artwork!


DJ’s amazing journals gave me the idea to use the fabric to hinge the pages (her word, and isn’t it just the perfect one?). So here’s what a spread looks like!

At the top is the positive of a stencil I was using. Dina showed me her way of using both the positive and negative of stencils when I played in her studio! You get double milage out of one application, and can get a new page started while working on another.

Inspiration can come from anywhere! What makes amazing art is taking that you’ve learned and putting it through YOU as if you’re a processor. Inspiration comes in and BONDS with who YOU are and is instantly transformed. By putting it all together, you begin to experiment and create something that not only pays homage to the artists and images that first fired you up, but synthesize a UNIQUE creation.

Don’t be afraid to use a technique you’ve learned or seen. Just make sure, when you use it, it becomes YOUR VERSION. That is why journals are amazing - they are safe places where you EXPERIMENT and PLAY and ultimately discover yourself!

From comments I’ve gotten in the past, I can safely say that my artwork doesn’t directly copy or rip off other artists. I used to worry about that in the past SO MUCH! But now I know I can take it in, play around, and create something wonderful.

I could really use the kindness and help of strangers today, as I finish up preparations for a major reveal and online workshop. If you like this content or any of my videos, please donate a little bit via the sidebar!