{the confidence of a brush stroke}


It's always interesting to me to watch someone new at painting work on a canvas or journal page. Their brush strokes are always short and hesitant, as if they've never held a brush before (and perhaps they haven't!). There isn't much confidence; in fact, uncertainty dictates their movements. 

The same can be applied to how much water one gathers on their brush. A lot? A little? How do you know how much to use? How do you make those swirling lines? How do you mix colors properly? 

Practice, darlings. Paint more. 

I've been asked about water usage, and can't answer the question with anything else but practice. It will soon become second-nature. Soon, you'll be making long lines with confidence and strength, and will know exactly how much water to use in order to create the effect you're looking for. 

My mother came out and admired one portion of my canvas. She loves it. All I could think was, it has taken me years to figure out how to do that, and now, it is so easy to do. 


I worked on the patio again today, finishing the sketching on one canvas and playing around on the other. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going with anything -- I simply listened to music and enjoyed my time outside, a bit sad when the sun began to set so early. I've forgotten how late in the year it's become, fooled by pleasantly high temperatures. 

Sometimes, when I step back, I can't believe this art is coming from me. I wouldn't trade that wonder at my own abilities for anything.