Introducing Journaling Deep



“I love where you're going with this newsletter, it's really helping me to think outside the box, and each week I can't wait to work on a page around the lesson. You're doing a fab job with these.” - Beth

“I really like this. It clearly explained a new way of adding an element to art journaling and I personally like the layered writing - never thought of that.  I find I don't want everything to be readable, especially to others.  I think this will appeal to both people who do a lot of writing and to people like me, who don't do much writing or when I do, I like it to be a bit obscured. “ - Michelle

A couple of months ago, I was sitting at a table with Connie chatting about art and life and creativity and how we go about our daily lives. Connie is a fountain of wisdom and inspiration, and we both found ourselves spilling our hearts to each other. A bit frightened to speak, I hesitated before revealing an idea that’d been growing in the back of my mind:

“I loved teaching True to You 2, especially going deeper with techniques and challenging my students with worksheets created to get them thinking about their art a bit more. I want to keep doing that, and have been toying with the idea of creating a paid mailing list.”

We’d been discussing workshops and costs and what this all means, and had both noticed that the more people pay for workshops, the more committed they are to the lessons within (we compared experiences - mine with True to You 2 and her with her Fearless Painting series). I wanted to create a list of ideas but wanted the members to want to be there.

Once I voiced this idea, it seemed to gain momentum. All the people I shared this idea with grinned and encouraged me to go for it. It just felt right, as though this was a natural metamorphosis of my creative life. Over the past few years, I’ve gained more and more confidence in myself, my art, and my talent, and have been pouring my heart out online. And while I love sharing all I can with you, I also love creating more, and being able to devote myself to said pursuits would be much easier with a little bit of cash coming in.

A month ago, I asked for beta testers, and they have been marvelous, patient women who’ve helped me take my ideas and refine them into weekly email blasts of techniques, prompts, ideas, and, soon to come -- videos, digital journal fodder, and challenge sheets. I go much further with tutorials, give support, and encourage you to expand your creativity by trying new things.

They come not as a pre-planned series of boring post, but a living, morphing diary of my own explorations and experimentation in my journal and artwork. When I become excited about something new, I share it with you.

Journaling Deep is a year-long email-based class for visual journalers. You can join at any point. And these notes will be delivered direct to your inbox, each Thursday, for $10 a month.