Journaling Deep Q&A


Hello, you marvelous darlings!

I'm hard at work on a painting, playing in my journal, and editing a new video for you guys (that will be posted tomorrow, how fun...and one of me and my brother, a newbie, journaling side-by-side...I thought that perspective, combined with his questions and my answers, would be fun!), so here's a quick little Q&A post, answering some of the questions I've gotten re: Journaling Deep from Facebook & via email. 


I'm really interested in your year long class but I have a couple of questions .... when is the class going to start?   Do we have to sign up for the entire year or can we go month by month?  I did take a look at your free lesson and I really liked it but I'd like to try out a month first before committing to it for an entire year.

Thanks so much, Emie

I think I used the word ‘class’ to give it some sort of structure. There is none. It is basically me sharing new discoveries, thoughts, and ideas with you, and going much more in-depth than I usually do on the blog. I love, more than anything, sharing something new with a friend, and love getting emails, so this idea was born. 

Think of it this way: it’s a mailing list. You get sent an email every week with some new bit for you to learn and think about. You pay month-to-month, $10. And if you can’t afford it come January, then you can unsubscribe. If you can afford it again in April, c’mon back and join us. If you try it for a month and decide it isn’t for you, then you can leave. No hard feelings — promise! 

Instead of shelling out a large amount of cash for an entire class all at once, you can get a lot of the material I’ll be teaching in my new series of in-person workshops or see the new sprouts of an idea that will grow into an online class later down the road for the cost of two yummy drinks at Starbucks. I wanted to be able to share with everyone — not just people who can afford the $50 or $60 for a class, but people like me, who don’t have a ton of money, but can save a little bit to have some fun. 

And, as the list grows, I’ll offer more and more content. It’s a simple trade of energy in the way our modern lives see it without asking too much of any single person — we can all pitch in and be inspired and help and such. And don’t think it isn’t interactive — I want to see what you make, what questions you have, what fears you’re facing. 

This doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging — far from it! I’ve become addicted, again, to writing and documenting my days and will continue to make videos for YouTube and write posts and share journal pages and techniques (I’m editing a new vid for y’all right now!). Instead, if you’d like to get a little more, go further with the type of content I share, then join, please. Whenever you can. I’ve said a year because I don’t know where I’ll be in my creative life next November. I may be loving the list and continue it. I may outgrow it and need to do something different. 

So, this is my year-long project. I have a good feeling about it. If you want, come along for the ride. It’s a flexible, personal, cheap way for us to have a bit of journaling fun. 


Samie  can I use paypal to pay for this class?  Having a hard time trying to sign up thru Amazon

I’ve set up a little way for people who are having issues with Amazon Payments to sign up and have a subscription. It requires me to manually add you, so please email me for all the details. It will operate via the honor system since you won’t automatically be taken off the mailing list when you unsubscribe via Paypal. 


Natalie I wondered if it was charged per month or do I have to pay for the whole year at once????

 It’s month-by-month. I gave the list a year term mostly for myself, to give me a way out if, after a year, I’ve outgrown it. Or maybe it will become something new and even more awesome! You’ll only be charged $10 a month, and you can leave or re-join at any time. 

However! If you leave, you won’t have access to the material from the months you weren’t on the list. I know most of you are amazing, honest people, but I do want to safeguard myself against someone signing up in, say, April, downloading the material from November - April, and then unsubscribing, therefor getting all those months without payment. I will have an archive of all the lessons, so if you are on the list and accidentally delete one of the emails, etc, I can always send you another copy. 


When I was thinking up my next venture, I thought, “What would be affordable and fun for ME?” And this is the answer I came up with! If one of my favorite artists said, “You can pay $10 a month and get all these lessons from me!” I’d jump at it in a heartbeat, knowing I’d love what I got, would be able to afford it, and if money was tight one month, I could just leave and save the money, joining up later.  

Have any more questions? Send ‘em to me! I’ll be sending out the first lesson tomorrow! What would you like to learn?