A Few New Journal Pages...

This page started much differently, but one night, when I was angry at a page, I pulled out my oft-neglected gesso and slathered it on. And then I turned to this page and decided to just gesso over bits to create the appearance of a white page with paint and spray ink in the middle. You can see how this page started here (it's the one with the clouds up top). 

And yes, this is totally Dina-inspired! I was suddenly struck by the idea of using one of her stamps to create a star shape, and then cut it out from the page with my craft knife. Another one was cut from my supply of painted and sprayed papers and glued down. I added my own bits to make it inspired-yet-mine, and pulled out my chipboard letters to finish it off. 

If this page looks familiar, well, it's because I used it as the inspiration for my contribution to one of the Scottsdale Public Arts' 100+ Community Journals. You can also see where this page started. Basically, I used it as a drop cloth-y thing when spraying some chipboard wings while working on Becca's floor, and left it alone for the future. I do this a lot -- add a bit of paint or plunk down a sprayed stencil so I never really have to face a blank page. Having a jumping-off point is so helpful! 

I painted some green around the blue spray ink, then painted in the wings, shading a bit with different colors. I've always been captivated by faces with blue or green shading to show shadow, so I've been working with bright colors to add depth. I drew with an eyedropper, then went inside to watch The Mentalist while playing with soft pastels on the page. I think that's all I can say, because I really wasn't paying total attention to what I was doing! I love when things just...happen!

I've pulled my white sharpie paint pen because of Jodi's paintings, and did a bunch of layered writing (I'll have more on this soon...as part of a new thing I'll be offering soon!). 

Okay, this one isn't finished, yet! 

It started because I wanted to put that photograph in my journal -- I just adore it, and wanted it to become part of my journal story! The problem came when I started thinking too much; I had the photo and scrap of paper and sat there trying to figure out where everything was supposed to go... 

So I just put the photo down! And then the paper! And some paint! And some trim I colored with Radient Rain. Sometimes, you've just got to go with it!


Hope this helped! I'm trying to record the thoughts behind my process so I can share them with you!