{a little wish can certainly come true!}



There are six magazines on a special shelf in my bookcase.

There isn’t anything special about them -- they aren’t collector’s editions or in perfect shape or boast the signature of someone famous -- but they’ve been carted across the country, kept in various shelves or boxes, and are always clutched, when taken from the shelf, close to my chest.

These are the six, including the one I received in the mail today, that I have been published in.

Allow me a moment to let that sentence sink in.

That I have been published in.

As far back as 2007, I wanted to share what I was discovering with the world, to spread all those wonderful things I was doing in hopes of inspiring others. I’ve been pretty fearless with my artistic explorations -- this may be the result of never have learning the rules past elementary school art classes. The only teacher I had was myself -- this is back in 2005, before all the YouTube videos and amazing books we have now. There wasn’t much out there, and I wanted to change that.

I published a few issues of a ‘zine called Page by Page. It was then that I had this particular dream:

You see, the tag-line for the Melange section in Somerset Studio is ‘A lively romp through journals, zines, and art adventures. And when I held issues of my self-published little magazine, I thought,

I’d love to be on the pages of this!

And since then, I’ve had an artist’s profile in Art Journaling, journal bags, essays, paintings, journal pages -- all these amazing, wonderful opportunities -- including a lovely interview -- me, interviewed! -- in the current issue of Artful Blogging with my amazing, talented friend Roben-Marie (who I met when I interviewed her for the last issue of my little ‘zine!).

When I opened my mailbox and saw my contributor’s copy of Somerset Studio, with my article in the Melange section, my heart just soared. Sometimes, the route to your dreams takes the most serpentine path, and even after all I’ve accomplished -- all that is on my plate, all the projects and wonderful things that are happening around me this year, right now! -- I remember me, all those years ago, wishing to see my artwork on these pages. And not only that, but my work was chosen to be an artist’s paper. Imagine my glee!

So let me give you a little advice:

Do it.

I was afraid. I had Dawn and Roben-Marie tag-teaming me a year and a half ago to send my journals in to Art Journaling. They told me to just do it -- send them in and see what happens. What did I have to lose? And so, with my eyes closed and fingers crossed, I packed my journals into a box and sent them off.

At the beginning of the year, I submitted work to a new editor. I was scared! And almost didn’t do it. But then I remembered I had nothing to lose. I wouldn’t gain anything unless I tried. How do we grow unless we take that next step? I don’t mean just for getting published -- and let me tell you, it doesn’t magically make you feel validated or silence your inner critic forever or get you thousands of followers -- I mean for ANYTHING on this little art ride we’re all on.

So stop thinking about doing it and do it. I will tell you: I have worked with many editors and they are all sweet, amazing, passionate people who want to help you get your art out into the world. You have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. Don’t think your art isn’t good enough or that you’ll be laughed at -- these women are such kind spirits, they’ll hold your hand and help you through.

And then, one day, you’ll open your favorite magazine and your little wish will be true...in full color.