{watercolor play day!}

I had a post all lined up to publish yesterday, but when I was out with my friend at Starbucks, I was distracted by writing, and ended up not posting. Side Note: I really wonder what people think when they overhear us; our conversations are all fannish, and usually about the weird stuff we find online. Ah, well! I'll save that post for Monday because I've decided today is Watercolor Play Day.

This proclamation came to me quite suddenly, ie, Kass posted about her watercolors and let me know via Twitter, then encouraged me to get going. And then some other people started talking about watercolors, and I was like, "What the heck? Why not play!"

You see, on my birthday, I decided to go for it and buy myself something I've wanted for awhile but could never justify the cost of -- a compact set of Windsor & Newton watercolors.

The ones I have are for kids, and when you rub your hand over them, they're all chalky and uggg...and I wanted some nice ones to give me great colors, plus be portable enough to throw in my purse and accompany me to a cafe or restaurant (you mean you don't whip out your journal at the table? Some people call it anti-social -- I call it inspiration!).

Anyway, I had a coupon, so the set is mine. I spent that night trying to get a feel for them. I'm so used to acrylics -- fluids, more specifically -- so this is a new experience for me. I just think watercolors look beautiful, and really want to keep going and maybe go a bit bigger. Luckily, the paper I use in my journals has a great tooth that accepts the watercolors nicely, so we're gonna go collage and play.

Also, have a painting to finish. And more ink to spray. I love the weekends! Despite working on creative projects all week, the weekend's when I can simply play without any guidelines or deadlines getting in the way.