{how I draw}

I took a little time for me today. 

That may sound silly -- I get to create for a living! But the truth of the matter is, I'm usually working on pages and projects for others, and don't really get to sit down and play. Do something for me. I really should work this into my day, and I do get to write in the evenings; I really missed it. I put in my headphones, turned on good music, and just said, 

"World, I am taking a break for a few minutes. I'll be back." 

And picked up a canvas. 

lion heart in-progress 1

I love working on paintings. I often start with a quote or idea, then build up the layers from there. This one's surprised me with how it seems to just be coming together on its own. I haven't done a painting like this on such a tiny canvas before, so I'm learning as I go along how to put things together. As I look at it now, I realize I don't have any room for the writing I want to do -- I'll probably end up covering the tree. 

lion heart in-progress 2

But that's OK. It all is OK. I'm playing and experimenting and trying to figure things out. Does my girl look odd, maybe. But that's how I draw. You can draw perfect faces or realistic portraits, but I'll stick with my illustration style. I adore it. I can speak through it. This is me -- how I'd like to be, what I strive to be. And this is my world as I see it. No one will ever experience this piece as I do, but if it does anything once I finish -- if one single person is touched or gets the message -- then my work is done. 

lion heart in-progress 3

Time to head to the post office, put together kits for others, do a little extra for a new contact, go out for coffee. Take photos for a short piece, email an editor, and then, maybe, get to my journal. 

Thank God for weekends. 

(And Fridays, for Fringe. *bounces*)

PS. I've uploaded to Flickr, so you can once again click through to see the larger size. Also, sorry for the blurry-ness...I snapped these with my phone while working!