{happy accidents!}

My thought process when I returned to this piece:

“I really don't want to sit up and paint her in acrylics.”


“Really. What if I did her muted, like Cassie?”


 “Plus, I like being able to see the map and dots.”

 “OH! What if you painted her in watercolors?”


So I collected together my watercolor set, waterbrush, and intense pencils, curled up on the couch, put on a movie, and finished her. 


I love how her hair came out. I love the shading I was able to do. I love the shirt and skirt. I want to do more more MORE!

 This is how new ideas are born, guys! You just need to think outside the box of what you're supposed to and just do what you think might work.

I've gessoed some pages in my journal, put House on, and am ready to sketch and play around!

(I'll have this one up as a print later this week.)