Working with Layers... (part 2 of last weekend's vid!)

Here's part two for your enjoyment. I spent a lot of time editing this to make it dynamic, informative, and fun! Sorry about the end; the way I had everything set up meant there was a light above the camera, and the camera didn't like that -- but I'm pretty sure there's a LOT for you to learn from this vid that you won't miss me writing words with a black marker. ;) 

I loved making this one! I think for next week, I'll be showing you the basics of stitching on paper or fabric with a darning foot. Doodling with a sewing machine for the win! 

I've gotten a LOT of questions for next week's Q&A vid; I LOVE learning what you are curious about, because that helps me help you! *G* 

I'll see ya tomorrow; I'm a bit tired and sore from last night's casino adventure (and no, I didn't win big, but I did walk out with $10 more than I walked in with!), so I'll be here watching The Dark Crystal and doodling ideas for a new mini-class I'm psyched to write.