It's Finally Here -- My GIANT E-Book, Going Further


I have been secretly (or not so secretly but dropping hints!) working on something for awhile. A BIG something. 

I decided early on that the lessons from Journaling Deep would turn into something. I didn’t know what — or how to package/present them. I just knew deep down in that soul-place, that wild-space we so often neglect in our busy 20th century lives, that I wanted to share everything I could. I wanted to be excited about new discoveries, create a space where I could experiment comfortably, and encourage others to do the same. 

My energy has gone towards creating the best, interesting, easy-to-follow tutorials since Journaling Deep started in November, and in May, I realized I was sitting on a mountain of awesome stuff that so many more could benefit from! I decided to package the videos up as mini-classes, and the PDF lessons as a giant e-book/e-class! 

If I could take a snapshot of my brain and send it to you, Going Further would look pretty damn close! 


What does this big, giant E-Book hold?

  • 140 pages of tutorials. There aren’t many pages in-between, other than chapter intros. So that’s a LOT of tutorials! 
  • Projects ranging from how to make foam stamps to creating your own embellishments to working with fabric to project pages that are intuitive and soul*full. 
  • An entire chapter of conquering the blank page with guided background tutorials. 
  • Printable worksheets to transform your handwriting, get comfortable writing in your journal, and how to obscure it so others can’t read it. Stuff I’ve picked up, transformed, made my own. 
  • Inspiration galore
  • Have a pile of Instagram photos? Check out the uber-long art gallery. Or maybe you want to learn digital art journaling? Yeah, there’s a chapter for that, too! 

Not only that, but each tutorial gets you thinking about why & how you approach journaling and creativity. Read the tutorial and answer questions designed to pull you out of your comfort zone and those tried-and-true methods we all repeat. 

Finish, and reflect back on your experience. Take notes. Learn more about yourself through the process not the product


I call it an e-book/e-class because it is easily the material I could present in 3 e-courses. But instead of splitting it up and creating a class around it and discussion forums and all the like, I put it all together in an easily-downloadable and easy-to-follow format that doesn’t put pressure on your to ‘keep up,’ or show your work each week

Perfect for those who need to inject some more creativity into their life, who don’t have the time or money for e-courses, who just want to have fun on their own terms. 


What are you waiting for? Click here to buy your copy!  


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NOT ONLY THAT, but I have some awesome stuff to give-away, perfect for those jumping in! 

 I’d really like to get the word out about the e-book, so I’m giving you extra chances to win! 


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Good luck! And I hope you enjoy all I have put together to share with you!


Low on funds? Need some help? I have a few 50% off coupons left to share. Let me know and I’ll let you know. The community usually takes care of its own. <3

If you enjoy Going Further, I would love to hear about it