[video] Q&A #5: alcohol inks, pads, video-making, and more!

This week, I discuss more of your questions, especially those related to creating your own spray inks from alcohol inks (read: NO!) and creating video content for viewers. I also discuss my favorite art books, stamp pads, and a whole bunch more (including my upcoming art workshop!). 

Here're links for a few things mentioned in the video:

Workable Fixatif

Golden GAC 100

My fav books...

Painted Pages

Ordinary Sparkling Moments

1000 Artists' Journal Pages

Strathmore Mixed-Media 400 Series
(I plan on doing a review post for this paper as soon as I've worked on it some more.)

I just wanted to update y'all on a few things around here. The sewing video's been filmed and I just need to edit it -- I'll be posting it on Tuesday, as tomorrow's pretty full (a deadline, class, grocery shopping, and class prep!). I have filmed a short video about the whole Pinterest situation, but I'm, well, a bit scared to post it! If I do, it'll go up tomorrow, since it doesn't require much editing (I actually wrote it and read word-for-word!). 

I'm taking a little internet break this week -- I'm feeling way too overwhelmed by social media and trying to keep up with it all, so I'm unplugging my wireless card and working in the studio most of the time. This also means I'll be working on answering emails -- I really have a bunch I'm itching to answer (but my wrist has gotten angry and I'm wearing a brace) and hope being unplugged will help me be more focused. I need to detox a bit from electronics!

And yes, I put up a donate button again. I'm doing a ton of videos these days, and would love a little help. No pressure! It's just me opening up to the abundance of the universe. This girl is ready to claim 2012 as her year

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