Watercolor Inspired

When I clicked play on a video posted on Traci Bautista’s blog last week, I had no idea what I was in for. 

The video chronicled the combined efforts of Traci and an artist I’d never heard of, Stephanie Corfee. I watched as Stephanie doodled in watercolors with confidence, creating a bright, colorful piece of art that Traci then incorporated into a doodle of her own. 

I was hooked. 


So it’s no surprise that, after finding Stephanie’s book on Amazon, I pulled out a pad of mixed-media paper and my small collection of watercolors and started to doodle. 

I didn’t think I’d make anything nearly as stunning as the work that inspired me. I’m not all that experienced in using watercolors, having abandoned them soon after I started art journaling for acrylics, but I wanted to give this a try. 

It happened by accident, really. An afterthought when I collected supplies to work in my Smash book on the couch. I soon found myself consumed by the doodles, playing with color and shape and line in a way I’ve never done before. I’ve come a long way with my confidence with a brush, and just, well, had a ball. 


I think these have become my new zentangles! With a waterbrush, it’s just as easy for me to create these as my little drawings in a sketchbook. I plan on scanning them in and creating cool prints with them of some kind. Oh, I’m in love

Count these as my journal pages for Monday and Tuesday, okay?