Climbing out of the background rut & weekend plans...

I meant to get this up yesterday and post an art & pictures post today, but the video didn't work when I went to edit, so BAM! Video today. 

The Whispers (or the Divine, or Flow, or Possibility) had me at the hardware store today getting wood panels, the craft store to grab clear gesso, and put turpentine in my basket. This weekend will be spent prepping and painting on oak. 

What will be I be painting? 

I don't know. 

But I know something it trying to come through.

And I've gotta listen. 

(I'm also brainstorming a piece for a show called The Unsettled Body and think I have a unique perspective on it. It's currated by my teacher, Edna Dapo -- check out her work; she's amazing!)