A Saturday in the Life...

Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to snap pictures throughout the day as one of those cool "A Day in the Life..." things. I don't usually share this many pictures a day on Instagram, but it was an interesting experiement! 

So here was my day yesterday! 


This was the temperature at 11am, when I went outside to sand & prep some wood I picked up on Friday. Sadly, this thermometer is in the shade. 

All prepped! I sanded the edges were the saw left things jagged and painted on a coat of clear gesso. 

There was a package in the mail for me -- Carin sent me "Life Disrupted" (which is my next read!). On Thursday, Teresa sent me "And the Story is Happening." Check out Kelly's blog for a review I think you all should read. I am so blessed by thoughtful and amazing readers!

I spent a few hours sketching a concept drawing for a painting, then transfered it to one of the wood boards I prepped. I don't want to reveal the entire thing right now, but after nearly two hours of work, I needed a break, and snapped this detail shot!

As the sun set, I took a break and headed down to my apartment complex's pool. It was a balmy 100F (it feels like 94, said the Weather Channel!) and a birthday party had taken over. We "borrowed" some noodles and floated in the deep end, letting the water relax us. My forward-fronting camera won't work with Instagram, so here's a blind cropped shot. I was told my hair made me looked like an alien. 

I've been feeling fantastic and blessed ever since the Ning opened, with new members of Journaling Deep and a couple ambitious souls ready to work with me one-on-one, so I texted with Becca to meet up for dinner. I felt I deserved a big drink after all the work I did last week!

Becca and I are nerds, so we each took a shot of each other and posted them on Instagram. Here's mine of her...

...and here's hers of me, from her stream.

After a bit of an emergency (I didn't want to be snapping pics during it, but everyone's fine!), we returned to her place to do some painting and journaling until I headed home around 12:30am.

So there's a Saturday in my life! What did you do this weekend? Feel free to share shots over on the Ning community!